The first entrepreneur into the “West Texas Investors Club” Clubhouse is James Oliver Jr. of WeMontage, seeking $250,000 for 25 percent equity.

WeMontage takes people’s photos and turns it into amazing wall art—in the form of custom wallpaper, that is. The removable wallpaper takes the hassle out of picture frames and canvases, instead just sticking directly to the wall. They made $100,000 last year and have appeared on The Today Show.

Social reactions to WeMontage’s appearance on “West Texas Investors Club”:

Butch Gilliam can see Oliver’s passion but is turned off by the fact that he left his family for a few months after his twins were born prematurely. But he says without doing that, WeMontage probably wouldn’t be in existence.

Asking for a demonstration, Rooster McConaughey and Gilliam are once again turned off by the fact that the photos must be shuffled and that the collage can’t be totally customized to how users want it. Oliver claims that customers prefer the shuffle option but McConaughey and Gilliam feel as though he needs to hone in on his focus.

Would you buy a WeMontage wallpaper collage?