Welcome to the season finale of “West Texas Investors Club,” y’all! The first set of entrepreneurs to enter the Clubhouse is Ty Parker and Trevor Abbott of SpinChill, seeking $250,000 for 25 percent equity.

SpinChill, a product that is sure to be a winner with Rooster McConaughey and Butch Gilliam, is a portable beer chiller that chills beverages in one minute. The device is simply clipped to the can, stuck in ice and ready in 60 seconds.

Putting it to the test immediately, McConaughey and Gilliam take some warm beers and see if they can be chilled in the desert. After calling in some reinforcements, they begin the challenge. Starting at 78 degrees, the SpinChill successfully cools a can of beer down to 36 degrees in 60 seconds.

Social reactions to SpinChill’s appearance on “West Texas Investors Club”:

To date, they’ve made $500,000, greatly helped by an appearance on the Today Show. They hope to ramp up their marketing with an investment, as well as make connections with a major advertising agency that did early work for the Yeti cooler. According to their contacts, they need to update their website and packaging. However, seeing as how they hope to use the entire $250,000 to hire the ad agency, McConaughey and Gilliam want more of a solid plan as to what the agency would do for them.

Handing over the whole amount to the ad agency worries McConaughey and Gilliam, but Parker and Abbott offer another solution: mentorship. They feel as though the entrepreneurs don’t need an investment and agree to stay in contact through a mentorship deal.

Would you use the SpinChill?