First into the “West Texas Investors Club” Clubhouse for the July 5 episode is Rob Duffy of Quick Step Anchor, who is seeking $250,000 for 25 percent equity.

The Quick Step Anchor aims to save the lives of firefighters by providing a platform for stability during a Vertical Ventilation Operation. Right away, Rooster McConaughey and Butch Gilliam put the step into action by literally setting a house on fire. It works and the investors and fire company are definitely impressed.

According to their website, “The Quick Step Anchor is a device that has been designed to safely speed up Vertical Ventilation Operations by providing Firefighters with a sturdy platform that will take the place of the pick-head axe, trash hook, or halligan which are currently used as footholds for today’s truckmen.”

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The step is put into the roof and has traction holes that allow for debris to fall through, according to their website. It also has the capability to secure a safety lanyard in the event that the firefighter falls.

They are sold for $1,100 and they made approximately $50,000 so far. He hopes to hire salespeople, which Gilliam encourages to only pay based on commission. He also admits the price needs to be lowered. He sees it succeeding with a team of talented and passionate salespeople.

McConaughey offers $50,000 for 15 percent, but Duffy counters “a reasonable” 10 percent, which they don’t seem willing to do. Stuck at an impasse, McConaughey bets that he can do 50 pushups and, if he does, the deal stays at 15 percent. He succeeds, which Duffy says “isn’t natural” and the deal goes through at 15 percent.

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