Little Soya
Little Soya

First into the “West Texas Investors Club” Clubhouse for the July 19 episode is serial entrepreneur Gary Murphy of Little Soya, seeking $2 million for 34 percent equity.

Little Soya is a non-GMO, gluten-free soy sauce that boasts being “the best soy sauce on the planet.” Jumping right into a taste test, Rooster McConaughey and Butch Gilliam like the product and Gilliam even calls it smooth.

Despite making over $580,000 last year and raising over $2 million, the company has seen huge losses the past two years. They have only $30,000 to $50,000 left. With an investment, Murphy hopes to turn Little Soya around and, with Gilliam and McConaughey’s help, develop a plan in order to do so.

If the company does not get an investment, Murphy has a royalty deal lined up with a food service distributor. He ultimately does not get an investment. According to AngelList, five of the companies Murphy has started have been failures and two have been successful.

Social reactions to Little Soya’s appearance on “West Texas Investors Club”:

Despite Murphy’s appearance on “West Texas Investors Club,” Little Soya closed before the episode aired. In March, the founder posted a message to Little Soya’s website, describing “The End” of their production. “I want to take this moment to extend a personal and very sincere thanks to you for taking the time, effort and support to stand behind us for all these years,” the message reads.

“This was the single most difficult and agonizing decision that I’ve ever had to make over my 26 year business career. We tried every possible and conceivable option to avoid having to close our business, but in the end, it was the final and last resort.”

The note ends with an appreciation and gratitude-filled sign-off. “Hate to say it, but All Good Things Must Come To An End. That’s where we are. At…The End.”

Would you have tried Little Soya?