Phone Cruncher
Phone Cruncher

Next up into the investors’ Clubhouse are Matthew Dooley and Mike Sarow of Kapture, seeking $750,000 for 10 percent equity.

Kapture is an audio-recording wristband device that records 60 seconds worth of audio on a loop. According to their website, the minute-long audio can be sent to your smartphone with two simple taps to the wristband. Tapping the wristband is how the audio is saved. The wristband includes an omnidirectional mic, all-day battery and is iOS and Android compatible.

Butch Gilliam wonders about the legality and some states require consent in order to record audio. They encourage people to explain what’s happening, seeing it as “complimentary.” The wristband costs $129 and they sold over 3,000 units last year. The wristband is also customizable—the grill and band can be personalized with colors such as blue and orange.

According to the entrepreneurs, one of the major complaints is that sometimes audio is inadvertently saved by the simplicity of the taps, however, they assure Gilliam and Rooster McConaughey that it’s not all that common.

Social reactions to Kapture’s appearance on “West Texas Investors Club”:

Gilliam and McConaughey challenge them to store clues on the wristband that will help lead them to the buried treasure of Toyah. Gil Prather crosses the Rio Grande with one entrepreneur to find the “Jesus of Lajitas,” while Gilliam and McConaughey take the other to talk to a musician. Though the musician worries about the legality, he sees its practicality for his music.

McConaughey attempts to check his clues and notices that there are more audio files on his phone than what he tapped. Nevertheless, a helpful clue from a priest during their treasure hunt leads them to Villa de la Mina, which is supposedly haunted. That’s where the entrepreneurs meet up again and McConaughey expresses his frustrations over the ease at which audio is sent to the phone.

Going into the mine, beer in hand, McConaughey and Gilliam stumble upon some wine, which leads them to a box that has an “IOU” note in it. Despite failing to discover any treasure, Gilliam and McConaughey are impressed by the wristband, but have concerns over privacy.

Gilliam and McConaughey express their concerns and Gilliam says he would hardly ever use it, perceiving it as something that others wouldn’t use long-term either. Their concerns trump their interest, however, and the entrepreneurs fail to receive an offer.

Would you use a Kapture wristband?