Next up into the investors’ Clubhouse are Serafina Palandech Johnson and Jennifer Johnson of Hip Chick Farms, seeking $500,000 for 20 percent equity.

Hip Chick Farms sells humanely-sourced frozen chicken and their products include gluten free chick nuggets, chicken meatballs, and chicken wings. According to their website, they have a humane certification from the Global Animal Partnership. Last year, they made over $1 million but made no profit.

Appropriately saying, “Nothing goes better with beer than chicken nuggets,” Rooster McConaughey and Butch Gilliam taste the product and, of course, drink some beer.

They put them to the test at the local food store to show people the difference in how the chicken is processed compared to competitors. Their audience? Kids.

Social reactions to Hip Chick Farms’ appearance on “West Texas Investors Club:”

First, they show how fast food chicken nuggets are made, including the chopped-up bones. Then, they demonstrate how their chicken fingers are made, which really impresses the crowd. Based on the demonstration, McConaughey and Gilliam seem to be all in.

Back at the Clubhouse, however, Gilliam worries about their goal to be acquired and wonders whether future money offers would change their ethical standing.

Cutting right to the chase, they question how people shopping would understand their high-quality standard, which they believe is communicated through their packaging. Gilliam asks whether they would change their standards so that they could sell at a lower price, which they quickly respond with a resounding “no.”

Explaining that the humane factor is the foundation of their business, they convince McConaughey and Gilliam that their values are strong. They offer $500,000 for 35 percent equity, which they don’t feel comfortable with. They stick to their offer, adding on the assurance that they will make $1 million and they will fund POs at two percent interest. They accept.

Would you try the Hip Chick Farms chicken?