H&H Outfitters Twitter
H&H Outfitters Twitter

Next up into the “West Texas Investors Club” Clubhouse are brothers Cobb & Alex Hudjohn of H&H Outfitters, seeking $250,000 for 10 percent equity.

H&H Outfitters sells outdoor lifestyle apparel, including hats, tees, outerwear and other accessories. They also hand-draw and hand-print their tees and hats.

Butch Gilliam mentions right off the bat how difficult the apparel industry is so he asks what’s so special about their business. They tell him that it’s special because they design and produce everything contained within their brand and they’ve built a strong business. Last year, they made just over $400,000.

One of the reasons they started the business was to salvage their relationship, given that they previously argued all the time. Though they had a rocky start, the business allowed them to “rekindle” their relationship. Working with family entrepreneurs worries Gilliam and Rooster McConaughey, however, the brothers assure them that nothing could tear them apart.

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The challenge puts their relationship to the test. The brothers are paired with Gilliam and McConaughey (who are like brothers) in oldest (McConaughey and Cobb) versus youngest (Gilliam and Alex) and engage in a series of challenges. McConaughey and Cobb win the first part of the competition, but Gilliam then challenges a double-or-nothing paintball, capture-the-flag war.

The brothers are at first reluctant to admit defeat, but McConaughey and Cobb are convinced Gilliam and Alex lost. They prove to McConaughey and Gilliam that their relationship is strong and end the competition on good terms.

McConaughey and Gilliam like their business, however, they question what they’ll be using an investment with, which includes equipment, people and purchasing, but also a great partnership. They’re convinced that their branding is strong, not only based on their products, but themselves. They’ve gotten advertising and social media marketing campaign offers, which impresses Gilliam and McConaughey.

Based on the strength of their business and the vast opportunities, they don’t feel as though they need a partnership through an investment. However, Gilliam and McConaughey offer for them to be involved in their merchandising in order to help them promote their brand. Though they don’t get an investment, they earn a new business opportunity and friendship.

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