The next entrepreneur into the Clubhouse is Ginger Flesher-Sonnier of Escape Room Live. She is seeking $4 million for 40 percent equity. The themed rooms include Destination America’s: Poe-Ranormal Activity, The Wizard’s Apothecary, Back to the ’80s and more. Participants have 45 minutes to solve the puzzles and escape the room.

In the last 15 months, the company grossed $2.3 million. Over 2,000 people participate per week, including both individuals and corporate events. Given the emerging competitors, the investment would help the company scale and maybe even get into Disney.

Rooster McConaughey strongly believes the money is in corporate team-building and pushes the idea in that direction.

McConaughey, Butch Gilliam and Gil Prather then test it out for themselves as they try to “escape from west Texas.” In a jailhouse theme, the guys are locked up as Flesher-Sonnier provides them with clues.

Social reactions from Escape Room Live’s appearance on “West Texas Investors Club”:

As Gilliam tries to magnetically lasso the keys, McConaughey sits down with a jug of beer but Gilliam quickly rings them in. The keys only open McConaughey’s door, however, and it’s up to him to get everyone else out.

With additional clues, he pulls out another key that frees Gilliam, leaving 15 minutes to free Prather. Using a decoder to crack the final code, they open the safe and find the keys to open Prather’s door just in time.

Gilliam thinks the experience was fun and wants to help the company grow “smart,” not just quickly. She wants to get into big cities and/or tourist spots like Disney and Vegas, but McConaughey believes there’s already too much competition in these locations.

She also expresses interest in serving food and alcohol, but already has catering and takes 20 percent of those profits, which they believe is better than a restaurant idea.

They brainstorm a build-and-ship model so that others can assemble a room whenever they need it. They offer $800,000 for 40 percent, which she accepts.

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