Next up into the “West Texas Investors Club” Clubhouse is Valeria Frejlin of BungyPump, seeking $200,000 for 10 percent equity.

BungyPump, originating in Sweden by Frejlin’s mother, are walking poles with built-in resistance, making training more fun and effective. They’ve averaged sales of $2.5 million BungyPumps every year, but there’s a catch: those sales have occurred in Sweden. According to their website, the benefits of using BungyPump include “a stronger body, increased calorie consumption and better fitness. The poles can be used for walking and running, but are also perfect to use as a strength training tool both indoors and outdoors.” The BungyPump can also be used for rehab training, according to their website.

They haven’t done as well in the United States, so Rooster McConaughey and Butch Gilliam wonder why they haven’t gone after more fitness retailers. She explains that they have, but they wanted more of a marketing plan. McConaughey and Gilliam see the product as very niche and worry that the product would perform poorly in the U.S. The market in Sweden is not part of the deal.

Social reactions to BungyPump’s appearance on “West Texas Investors Club”:

Dubbed the “toughest challenge yet,” McConaughey brings his mother along to test out the walking sticks. Since she’s part of a walking group, McConaughey figured his mother and her walking group would be the perfect people to give very honest feedback. McConaughey’s mother says she doesn’t like them and that she feels “stupid” and awkward using them. However, many group members disagree with her and say they would buy them.

McConaughey and Gilliam are notably disappointed by how BungyPump performed with the walking group, but are impressed by the sales that have occurred in Sweden. They worry about developing an effective marketing plan so that they sell just as well in the U.S. Frejlin seeks a partnership to make connections for whatever obstacles may come their way, but she can’t specifically call out any of those obstacles.

They worry that since BungyPump is patented under Frejlin’s mother’s name, what would be in it for her. She says she wants to prove to her mother that she can do it and make her proud. Despite appreciating her drive and passion, McConaughey and Gilliam feel as though they can’t support her if her mother won’t either.

Would you try the BungyPump walking sticks?