Next into the “West Texas Investors Club” Clubhouse is Mollie and Jeff Evans of Baby Vida. They are seeking $1.5 million for 10 percent equity, plus a $2 million line of credit.

Baby Vida monitors a baby’s oxygen levels and heart rate in the form of a sock-like monitor. According to the website, “If vitals fall outside of the predetermined range, your smart device will flash red and sound an alarm.” The wireless monitor costs $149 and offers a real-time app feed. They’ve done $423,000 in revenue. With an investment, they hope to increase their marketing and public relations.

Having also created a chin strap that can detect concussions, which was used during the Super Bowl, Rooster McConaughey and Butch Gilliam wonder why they’re there if they had a deal with the NFL. Not being in that business anymore, they explain that he “got into business with the wrong people.”

Social reactions to Baby Vida’s appearance on “West Texas Investors Club”:

Gilliam expresses his concern that if a baby died while wearing it, there would be a hefty lawsuit. They decide to test it out on Gil Prather and begin testing his vitals. They measure his vitals against other devices as well, and theirs stacks up.

McConaughey likes the business, but Gilliam worries over a potential lawsuit. Given the risk, they offer $500,000 for 25 percent and an open line of credit, to which they say they had just received an offer the other day for $10 million.

Gilliam questions whether they’re there for money or a partner and tries to convince him to build the business first. Despite wanting trustworthy partners, they decline the offer because they wanted something closer to the $10 million mark.

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