The contents of Texas Senator Wendy Davis’ memoir have already caused an uproar, and the book isn’t even available to the general public until Tuesday. However, those with advance copies are sharing that the book discloses information about Davis choosing an abortion, and the senator is already taking verbal abuse.

Davis’ memoir is called Forgetting to Be Afraid, and according to the San Antonia Express News, includes a frank tale of the senator’s struggle with her third pregnancy. The baby was diagnosed with a brain abnormality that doctors said would cause suffering, and was likely incompatible with life, Davis explains, and she and her husband made the painful choice to terminate the pregnancy.

As comments began to mount on this and other news stories, calling Wendy Davis a murderer and demanding her medical records, Davis posted about her memoir on Twitter.

This, as well Davis’ tweet of an article about her memoir, merely netted more attacks.

The senator did not directly respond to any of the tweets. Wendy Davis will be doing a book signing in Fort Worth on Monday, and the first copies of the book will be available there.

[photo credit: thetexastribune via photopin cc]

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