Fresh scrapple ice cream from Wegmans: is your mouth watering, or are you feeling a bit nauseated?

Maybe you aren’t quite sure because you don’t know what scrapple is. You know how you get tasty cuts of pork from a pig? Delicious ham? And all of that heavenly bacon? Scrapple is also some kind of pork product, but it’s none of that. It’s basically everything that’s left over, stewed together with cornmeal. Then it’s shaped into a Spam-like loaf and people eat it. In fact, many people even love it. Gross as it may sound (or maybe you think that sounds delicious, and that’s cool), scrapple is very popular across the state of Pennsylvania, which is where this image of scrapple ice cream originated.

So now that you know what it is, let me ask you again: is your mouth watering, or are you feeling a bit nauseated?

Not to worry, though. You won’t have to shove a few cartons of scrapple ice cream aside at Wegmans to get to your chocolate chip cookie dough in the foreseeable future. This is nothing but urban ice cream legend.

According to an article on BillyPenn.com, Pete Ruggeri, a Lancaster, Pa., man, is credited with creating the photo. In fact, he created it more than six years ago and posted it to the “Scrapple is the new Bacon” Facebook page. Because a Wegmans store is opening up soon near his town, he decided to bring the picture back out and start circulating it again, causing many who saw it to believe that Wegmans really was making an ice cream filled with scrapple chunks.

When BillyPenn.com reached out to Wegmans for comment, they were amused but said that scrapple was definitely not one of their ice cream or sorbet flavors.

With over 14,000 social media shares as I write this, the post has amassed over 11,000 shares in about 6 hours — definitely buzzworthy!

Would you love to have scrapple ice cream? Does it sound completely disgusting? Let’s see what social media says…