Troubled former actor Randy Quaid recently came out of hiding and went on YouTube to rant against Rupert Murdoch and simulate bizarre sex acts with his wife, Evi.

The YouTube video is the most recent re-appearance of Randy Quaid and his wife, and shows they are still quite unstable. The video shows 64-year old Quaid in a long white beard with his wife in a bikini on the bed behind him. He then goes on to rant against Rupert Murdoch for never thanking him for starring in Christmas Vacation and the 1996 film, Independence Day.

Then, Quaid simulates sex acts with Evi while wearing a Rupert Murdoch mask. You can see the video here, but be warned, it is explicit and contains abrasive language and disturbing content:

Quaid and his wife, Evi, have been living in Canada for several years, now, and have been spiraling out of control into a world of paranoia and insane ramblings. Their troubles began in 2008 when they were banned from the Actor’s Equity union after Quaid physically and verbally abused members of a stage production of Lone Star Love in Seattle.

The couple believe a secret Hollywood organization called “Star Whackers” killed Heath Ledger and Keith Carradine, and now have their sights set on Quaid. In addition, Quaid and Evi are suing John Kerry and the U.S. State Department for revoking their passports.

In 2010, the couple was arrested for vandalism and residential burglary after squatting in a house they claimed to have owned, causing upwards of $7,000 in damages. They jumped bail and skipped their court date, and subsequently fled to Canada. They They are wanted on $500,000 warrants stemming from the vandalism charges.

Despite the insane rants of Randy Quaid and the YouTube video, the actor is slated to reprise his role in the upcoming Independence Day sequel.