A cat leaning over the edge of a dock barely escaped with its life as a fish leaped out of the water and tried to snatch it for a quick meal.

The cat was admiring, if not salivating over,  a number of goldfish swimming just below the surface of the water. The cat would move its paws towards the water in a feeble attempt to snag one of the fish for itself. It couldn’t even reach the surface.

So far, so good. The episode was just another example of normal feline instincts because cats usually enjoy catching and consuming fish.

Then, Darwin pulled into reverse.

While the cat was pawing away at potential meals, a predatory fish took note of the activity above the surface and jumped out of the water, snatching its jaws at the now helpless kitty.

Fear not, though, cat lovers (and who on the Internet doesn’t love cats?). The whole thing was caught on tape and slow motion video appears to show the cat, riddled with a bad case of karma and a shot to its self-esteem, scurrying away safely.

It might have been injured by the ordeal, but it doesn’t appear to have been eaten.

So it looks like curiosity did not kill the cat. This time.