The US actor, 58, refused to rule out reprising the role as a chemistry teacher turned meth manufacturer, despite his character supposedly dying in a dramatic shootout during last September’s finale. CNN’s Ashleigh Banfield questioned Cranston over the legitimacy of White’s demise, pointing out that his eyes were open. “I thought, ‘What if the police just takes him into custody, he gets better, breaks out, and just goes nuts?’” she said.

Cranston does play along saying things like, “you never saw bags zip up or anything” and admitting he does not know if White is truly dead. Banfield then hinted at the possibility of a Breaking Bad movie to which Cranston replied, “Never say never.” He has previously expressed a wish to guest star in forthcoming spin-off series Better Call Saul, but whether he will bag a part along with co-star Aaron Paul remains to be seen.

Being a fan myself, I will say this news is equally exciting and terrifying. When shows end well it means they should simply end and not try to push it. There have been so many times with shows, movie sequels, and books when it’s said to end at one spot and then it continues and it just gets worse. The prospect of bringing Walter White back is interesting, but to do it the entire finale most likely would have to have ben a dream and Breaking Bad is better than that. As good as some shows are sometimes there’s a reason for them to end as early as they do and it’s to stop the show from getting repetitive or going downhill.

I’m up for something new with the character and I’d love to see Cranston in pretty much any role, however the idea is a bit of a cause for concern. All fans can hope is that if it is played out it’ll be done well and thoughtfully.