Photo credit: screenshot

Photo credit: screenshot

Walmart’s ‘fat girl’ costumes have sparked an outrage from women online. The nationwide retail goliath has come forth with an apology, regarding the misogynistic label they put on the costumes.

Walmart isn’t known for being a glamorous or refined store, seeing they have a site devoted to the people that shop there, but now they’re known for making fat girl costumes a thing. Not plus sized costumes, fat girl costumes.

Walmart’s ‘fat girl’ costumes had a whole section dedicated to them, but they have recently apologized and changed it to ‘Women’s Plus Size Halloween Costumes’, after a much deserved Internet backlash.

A Walmart spokesperson tells Mashable, “This never should have been on our site. It is unacceptable, and we apologize. We are working to remove it as soon as possible.”

Walmart’s ‘fat girl’ costumes have been reported by Jezebel first, and they call the section the “truly the hottest of messes.”

Jezebel also points out a misogynistic description for their Marie Antoinette costume, where it reads:

I bet she’s regretting that crack about letting them eat cake by now. The Women’s Ghost Marie Antoinette Costume is a quality costume. There aren’t very many costumes of the Dauphin of France floating around, and even less where she’s a ghost. Spirits that used to be royalty must be the worst. It’s one thing to haunt some abandoned, old shack, it’s a whole other bag of marbles to haunt a palace. That’s gotta bring the property value way down. The Women’s Ghost Marie Antoinette Costume comes with a dress, a neck slash, and cobwebs. Bonnet rouge not included. The Women’s Ghost Marie Antoinette Costume is a spectral outfit of the last Queen of France. Ghost plus Royalty. A winning combination.

It’s sickening to see a description like that this day and age.

Women on the Internet, and some concerned men, have forced an apology out of Walmart, and have made them ultimately change the section to ‘plus size’.

Their responses are blunt, and justified, seeing the label Walmart put on the costumes is very rude and misogynistic.

Walmart’s ‘fat girl’ costumes section has been changed to ‘Women’s Plus Size Halloween Costumes’, after an Internet backlash. Still, the damage has been done, and who knows how sincere Walmart’s apology is.