A video that shows news clips of Black Friday in 1983 and compares them with news clips of Black Friday in 2013 is sure to ruin one’s faith in humanity.

The video, posted on the YouTube channel “One Point Preparedness,” declares the comparison as an example of “People vs. Animals.” In this case the “people” are those Black Friday shoppers who existed in 1983. The “animals,” perhaps unsurprisingly, are today’s shoppers.

Generation X’ers will appreciate the news footage from more than 20 years ago. It harkens back to an era when gas was just about $1.00 a gallon and MTV actually showed music videos.

Of course, people were nicer then, too. That’s the theme of the video, anyway, as civilized shoppers from a couple of decades ago are juxtaposed against contemporary “animal” shoppers, willing to violate rules of decency so that they can save $100 on a flat screen television.

The video begins with a mild enough comparison. It shows 1983’s shoppers out early looking for a parking spot. The 2013 shoppers, on the other hand, are shown living in tents which they’ve established outside of popular retailers days before Black Friday.

After that, it’s all about the mayhem.

One man from 1983 is shown talking about how he likes to meet different people and engage in polite chit-chat while he’s shopping on Black Friday. After that, the video cuts to a news clip of someone who is totally out of control and needs to be restrained by police officers.

From there, it doesn’t get any better.

A 1983 news reel shows an over-crowded department store with the announcer talking about people elbowing each other. Cut to 2013 and the video shows a mob charging into a store almost like they’re on the front line of a battle. Heavy metal music plays in the background to properly set the mood.

Finally, the video lists three of the seven deadly sins and then declares: “We as a people have lost ourselves…”

If Black Friday habits are any indication, it’s hard to argue with that.