Ukrainian security forces have uploaded a set of disturbing videos to YouTube. The videos allegedly include several Russian paratroopers being interrogated by the Ukrainian military. In each of the videos, Russian military members state that they were ordered to enter the country. Russia’s own officials have repeatedly claimed that their military forces accidentally entered the region.

Ukrainian security forces uploaded the videos on Tuesday, just one day after ten Russian paratroopers were captured in the eastern Ukrainian territory on Monday. The videos also surfaced just 24 hours after Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko and Russian president Vladimir Putin sat down for a meeting in Belarus.

The Russian Defense Ministry is still claiming that the intrusion was “accidental.”

In one video, translated into English by Interpreter Magazine, an interrogator asks, “Do you know that you are now illegally on the territory of Ukraine?” The Russian soldier then answers, “I guessed,but I realized it when they began to bomb us.”

The interrogator then adds, “Ah-ha. How did you end up on Ukrainian territory?” To which the Russian soldier reveals, “We went in convoys. Not on the roads but through the fields. I didn’t even see when we crossed the border.”

The conversation continues, “But did you know you were going to Ukraine?” At which time the Russian paratrooper in no indefinite terms states, “We knew.”

In a second video a Russian soldier says his unit was ordered to change uniforms and disguise their vehicles, and to hide all personal documents and devices before starting the mission.

It’s hard to put any stock into a video that features an interrogation, if anything, the videos do a good job of showcasing the rising tensions between the feuding territories.

The soldiers in each video have not seemed to have been harmed, although they have only been held for a very short period of time.