A Florida toddler cruising in her toy convertible was pulled over and “ticketed” by the Jacksonville police.

Two-year-old Za’Dariya Mishaw was driving around in her toy convertible in the parking lot of her apartment complex in Jacksonville, Florida when she saw blue lights approaching the vehicle from behind.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office was in the apartment complex to conduct a criminal investigation at unit in the complex when the officers spotted Za’Dariya and tried to lighten the situation. Za’Darya’s family played along, and the officer wrote the two-year-old a traffic citation.

It was unclear what the infraction was for, but the Sheriff’s office did confirm that it was a traffic citation that Za’Dariya received. Za’Dariya’s uncle, Keyth Mishaw, told Jacksonville news station First Coast News that it was great to see the officers in a different light. He said:

“Everyone always has bad things to say about the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office. Well, I want to give a big props to these officers for making a memorable moment for my family. It was a fun moment, brightened up the whole day.”

According to First Coast News, Za’Dariya was being cooperative and was given a $4 ticket. Officer Christian Velasco, who gave Za’Dariya the ticket, told First Coast News:

“She was going pretty fast. It took me a while to catch up to her, but we did, and she was cited.”

The moment was a hit on social media, with many chiming in on Za’Dariya’s first “traffic ticket:”

Velasco told First Coast News that he tries to interact with members of the community as much as possible when he is out on call.  Za’Dariya Mishaw paid the ticked in chores. 

[Photo Credit: Photopin