I mean, jeez, how unbelievable that Lucy Clode, 17, would turn James Franco, 35, down. I mean, who does that?! Whether this whole James Franco scandal with Lucy Clode is legitimate or a simple publicity stunt, the whole thing is a bit strange. And the fact that the tables have now turned on Clode is even more bizarre. She said…no? Unreal. How dare she! As if the scandal itself wasn’t already a bit creepy, even more so with Franco “coming clean” on “Live! with Kelly and Michael,” [saying that he was “embarrassed” and how he is a “model for how social media can be tricky”] I find it extremely odd that the entire situation has been twisted around on Clode. Twitter users have really been on Clode’s case all day saying that she only exposed him for the limelight because, who could turn James Franco down?








Franco posted this on his Instagram earlier:

Even if the entire thing is just a hoax, and even if Clode was in it for 15 minutes of fame, I find it disturbing the kind of backlash she has received. Sure there’s been bigger age gaps than just 20 years in the past between people and 17 is the legal age in New York, but since when is it a crime to say no?

If Franco wasn’t famous, would the situation be different? Some people accepting this entire situation simply based off the fact that Franco is famous is unsettling. The situation shouldn’t be accepted simply because he was “honest” about the entire thing earlier today shouldn’t be so simple. Yeah, mistakes are made but when someone who isn’t famous runs into that “mistake,” I’m sure there would be more serious comments to be made.

What do you think of the current situation that is going on with Franco and Clode?

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