In the spirit of Election 2016 coming to a close, Twitter Moments rounded up the highlights of both candidates’ tweets. Many of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s most popular tweets revolved around the strong criticism of his opponent and his infamous taco bowl tweet. On the other hand, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s most popular tweets included her “Delete your account” burn to her opponent, the live tweets from debate nights and recently, a birthday wish “to this future president.”

Take a look at some of the most popular tweets below:

Donald Trump’s Top 5 Tweets

1. When Trump tweeted about Clinton’s emails

2. When he tweeted about her emails (again)

3. When he tweeted that he “loves Hispanics,” along with the taco bowls made in Trump Tower

4. When he tweeted his slogan

5. When he tweeted an actual apology

To view the rest of Trump’s most popular tweets, which include popularity based on retweets and likes, take a look at his Election 2016 recap.

Hillary’s Clinton’s Top 5 Tweets

1. When Clinton delivered a sick Twitter burn

2. When she snapped back at her opponent’s constant denial

3. When she defended Alicia Machado, who Trump had called “Miss Piggy” and “Miss Housekeeping”

4. When she tweeted the viral moment of the final presidential debate

5. When she absolutely dropped the mic with her first debate zinger

To view the rest of Clinton’s most popular tweets, which include popularity based on retweets and likes, take a look at her Election 2016 recap.

President Barack Obama had a popular Twitter moment of his own in 2012 when he was reelected for a second term. After the news was announced, a tweet went out of him and Michelle Obama hugging with the caption, “four more years.” The tweet earned more than 840,000, becoming the most popular tweet of all time (at the time). Eventually, that record was taken away by Ellen DeGeneres’ star-studded Oscars selfie.

Which of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump’s social media moments have been your favorite this year? Sound off in the comments section below!

Photo credit: Rich Girard, Flickr