The Twitter ‘Buy Now’ button is finally being tested with a select group of merchants. Twitter announced on Monday that the feature is being tested with brands like Burberry and The Home Depot. The Buy Now button is also being implemented for song and album purchases with Megadeth and Ryan Adams among the social networks first test cases.

Twitter has been internally testing the Buy Now button for months.

While the real-time social network has helped usher in features such as #AmazonCart for online purchases, and online Starbucks gift card purchases, this is the first time the company has worked towards integrating a first-party shopping app directly into its platform for all merchants.

The new Twitter Buy Now button was created in partnership with online payments service Stripe. Using the new platform, merchants can sell items with “just a few taps.”

The Twitter feature arrives just several months after Facebook announced its own “Buy” button.

Twitter could have one big advantage over the competition. The social network relies heavily on a small subset of social media influencers who can drive massive sales when given the option. If merchants offer some type of influencer network for affiliates, the Buy Now button could become a huge driver of social e-commerce sales.

At its core, the Twitter Buy Now button offers the chance to increase conversions. Currently Twitter charges advertising fees that drive customers to third-party platforms. If Twitter advertisers can purchase ad space, and then drive sales immediately, it could lead to a more sustainable ROI for e-commerce platforms and direct to customer merchants.

At this time Twitter says it is not attempting to monetize the platform on its end. Instead the social network will continue to test the Buy Now feature until it is ready for a full launch.

Do you think Twitter’s direct response marketing efforts are going to pay off?

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