Yesterday, the writer of the Twilight Saga, Stephanie Meyers, and the Lions Gate production team announced they will be selecting 5 aspiring female directors to create Facebook exclusive mini movies starring characters form the original series.

This new way of marketing comes at an opportune time since fan bases never stop hoping and praying for new installments of their favorite movies and shows.  Just take a look at Tumblr, Facebook, Youtube, and fan-fiction websites.  They are all prime examples of social media sites that allow fans to continue to create and swoon over characters that haven’t been portrayed in movies or shows for years.

Production companies have learned how to get their viewers’ attention and keep it.  Some of the gifs, videos, and stories from social media websites are better than the originals, while others are just downright hilarious.  And, Twilight has always been an interesting fandom (Twihards Unite!).

The fact that Lions Gate and Meyers have decided to exclusively show the short films on Facebook is the most intriguing part of the news.  This means that viewers will have to have a Facebook account, which shouldn’t be that difficult considering Facebook is free and over 1.3 billion people already religiously use the social media platform.

It’s the non-tradition that seems to be capturing the attention of the producers alongside the viewers.

Hopefully the 5 new short films for the Twilight Saga will be worthy of sinking our teeth into.

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