Google search cartoons

Google it to find the answer – is the default answer to all the questions asked in today’s times. That’s because Google is the most used search engine on the World Wide Web handling more than three billion searches each day.

But could there be questions that even Google may not have an answer to? Not sure if Google may agree to it but Twitter users thought so on a Monday morning.

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Twitter as we know has been popular for its hilarious one liners from users and comedians alike. Someone started a trend #WhatGoogleDoesntKnow; while we are not sure if there is a brand backing the trend which is quite unlikely, the hashtag has been trending at the top of the Twitter India trends since late Monday.

The hashtag isn’t seeing any drop in conversations, so team LI thought of compiling the most hilarious and interesting tweets on #WhatGoogleDoesntKnow:

The political and controversial ones

Mom and wife jokes

There are some more that Google isn’t aware of

Looks like Rajinikanth has answers to #WhatGoogleDoesntKnow

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