A 75 year-old Illinois man discovered this week that he has unwittingly been hosting a pseudo time-capsule in his arm for over 50 years. When Arthur Lampitt of Granite City, Illinois wrecked his brand new Thunderbird back in 1963, he never imagined that the car would still be with him 5 decades later… at least part of it. Lampitt explains that it wasn’t until recently, when he noticed the missing lever in old photos of the wrecked car, that he began to suspect the horrible truth.

The father of four explained that he had sustained a major injury to his hip during the wreck, which must have distracted doctors from the 7-inch turn signal lever which had snuck into his arm. Though his wife, Betty, seemed completely stunned by the lever’s reappearance, Lampitt revealed that his suspicions where aroused about a decade ago when he set off the metal detector at a local courthouse. Though X-Rays at the time revealed that his arm was indeed harboring a foreign substance about the size of a pencil, Lampitt explains that since the mysterious object wasn’t bothering him, he decided to let it be.

Lampitt’s wife, Betty, expressed her sentiments on the whole incident to The St. Louis Post-Dispatch with the following statement, “Oh my God.”

The lever indicated its desire to reemerge earlier this week via a sharp pain in Lampitt’s arm, which began to swell soon after. Dr. Timothy Lang, who preformed the procedure, was able to unearth the old lever in about 45 minutes. Dr. Lang also expressed his shock, saying, ” “We see all kinds of foreign objects like nails or pellets, but usually not this large, usually not a turn signal from a 1963 T-Bird. Something this large often gets infected.”

Lampitt was reunited post-surgery with the lever, which has since joined him in making national headlines. Though he plans to keep it, Lampitt says he hasn’t decided exactly what to do with the lever yet. He said however, “We’ll figure out something, I am sure.”