Making adorable animals appear out of no where, destroying and then restoring seemingly priceless works of art and making a car disappear. These are just a few of the magic tricks to happen to unsuspecting people on truTV’s newest show, “The Carbonaro Effect.” this summer. Thursday night was the finale and the host, Michael Carbonaro, promised new material and even new ones that would completely “break the mold.”

His first magic trick begins with “breaking the laws of physics” at a sports shop. He remarks how cool it is when people go along with anything as long as he believes. The trick involves how a tennis ball got stuck in a jar (the opening is not big enough for it to fit…without magic) He then tricks a person checking into a hotel into believing that their credit card strip was on backwards, making his name go backwards into the system.

Something you wish was real, Carbonaro says? Self-folding clothes that fold when you hit them on their seams. Yeah, we all wish that was real. The style is definitely different than everything else that happened this season since Carbonaro is talking about the trick before it happens. He makes it more interactive too.

Telling people to place the palm of their hand on the television screen, he tells people that should start feeling heat…and that’s why the show works. That then transfers into a “new technology” trick by magically retrieving keys out of a transporter. Using a tele-tag, he also makes someone believe that he’s been using the same $20 bill to pay for lunch all week. “It’s not a toy,” his “boss” tells him.

Next trick is plugging in a “right-hand bulb.” Wait what? Michael convinces someone that they’re using a “left-hand bulb” and that’s why the bulb isn’t working. But, ya know, it’s just the house’s wiring made specifically for left and right-handed people. How convenient. The next unsuspecting person is tricked into believing that you can make wine out of raisins instead of grapes.

It then takes an unexpected turn to show people who weren’t quite gullible enough to believe his tricks. “Never before seen what doI do now moments?” Then there’s just people trying to completely take over as the magician. Watermelons in flat boxes and beans made from coffee grounds. Because that’s normal. But since when are magicians supposed to do normal things?

People’s reactions are quite possibly the best part of the finale. People cussing out to complete disbelief to “Oh, no it’s not!”

It’ll blow you away…