When it comes to creating viral hits and social sensations, there is no question that late night television is becoming the channel to rule them all.

To refresh the memory, let’s take a quick look at what’s been trending this week in the world of social media:








With subjects that are consistently on topic, original, and most importantly, entertaining, Jimmy Fallon has single-handedly dominated social feeds across the globe since starting his new role as host of the Late Night show.

Every. Single. Day.

And while it’s no surprise that content that evokes the emotion allows brands to increase transparency and overall engagement, humor-based content is continuing to prove it’s domination in viral popularity.

But it’s important to remember, like any other piece of content, humor should always be done for the right reasons, in consistent alignment with the brand’s messaging, and developed in good taste.

Because when not performed correctly, it can quickly become a brand’s (and a Late Night Host’s) worst nightmare:

Always aim to lighten the mood, not offend it! Well planned (and executed) comedic content will prevent any opportunity of an offensive situation tarnishing your brand, and instead allow it to be noticed in the trending spotlight.