In a digital age where screens often dominate playtime, Tubelox emerges as a beacon of imaginative and active play. As we step into 2023, this innovative building toy is reshaping how children engage with the world around them.

Combining the fun of construction with the foundations of STEM learning, Tubelox offers a unique blend of education and entertainment. It’s not just about building structures; it’s about building minds.

In this exploration, we delve into what makes Tubelox a must-have in the realm of modern children’s toys.

Tubelox Overview

TubeLox is a “life-size construction toy where you can build your own play,” according to ABC. The toy has also been featured on “Shark Tank.”

Toy: TubeLox

Inventor: Rachel and Steve McMurtrey

Versatility and Educational Value: This toy is celebrated for its versatility, being a multi-purpose playset that offers numerous possibilities for creative building. It’s recognized as a STEM toy, aiding in educational development in areas like Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, thus enhancing children’s creativity and active play.

The mentors seem intrigued by TubeLox and Dylan Lauren, giving it a test spin, even calls it fun. Jen Tan worries about the $249 price point while Jim Silver has concerns about both the price and safety.

Despite their concerns, they all like it and pass it to go into the Toy Box.

In the Toy Box, the kids jump at the opportunity to unleash their creativity and build things with the TubeLox. Toby Grey thinks an entire amusement park could be built, while Noah Ritter suggests using them to build “a nail clipper.” None of the kid judges, however, are on board with the price point. They all agree that the creation possibilities are endless.

Ultimately, TubeLox fails to make it to the finals.

Hosted by “Modern Family” star Eric Stonestreet, “The Toy Box” helps inventors make their toy creation dreams become a reality.

According to their website, the inventions are brought before mentors, including Dylan’s Candy Bar owner Dylan Lauren, toy guru Jim Silver and Pixar creative director of Consumer Products, Jen Tan.

If they pass phase one, they then have the opportunity to face the ultimate toy-loving panel of judges: kids. The panel features Sophia Grace Brownlee, Aalyrah Caldwell, Toby Grey and Noah Ritter. The kids determine which toys make it to the finals and, ultimately, the one winning toy that will sold at Toys“R”Us.

A new episode airs each Friday at 8 p.m. on ABC.

Now let’s have a look at the public’s experience with the toy:

Tubelox User Experience and Reviews

  • Quality and Durability: Users have praised the quality of Tubelox, noting its sturdy construction. This durability is a crucial factor as it ensures that creations remain intact and safe during play .
  • Developmental Benefits: The toy is appreciated for its role in developing motor skills and encouraging physical activity like climbing, jumping, and riding. This aspect is important for parents looking for toys that promote active, healthy play .
  • Creativity and Problem-Solving: Tubelox is lauded for stimulating children’s creativity and imagination. It also promotes hands-on learning and problem-solving skills, aligning with educational goals of many parents and educators .

Considerations Before Purchase

  • Ease of Use: Some reviews have pointed out that younger children might need assistance in using the toy due to the strength required to assemble the pieces. This could be a factor to consider for parents of younger children .
  • Cost Factor: Acknowledging that Tubelox is a significant investment, the price point might be a consideration for budget-conscious buyers .
  • Safety and Support Concerns: There are mentions of the toy containing small parts, which could be a safety concern for younger kids. Additionally, lack of direct company contact information and the non-reimbursement of return shipping fees are noted as potential drawbacks .
  • Overall, Tubelox appears to be a well-regarded, versatile, and educational toy that supports creative and physical development in children, though it comes with certain considerations regarding ease of use, cost, and safety.


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Photo credit: ABC