Toy: Soldier Ball

Inventor: Nate and Isaac Dallas

Soldier Ball is “a game combining the iconic mini green army men with elements of strategy and bowling,” according to ABC.

The kid judges have fun playing the game. Sydney finds it very fun, while Gideon, who’s very “logical and practical,” likes the toy. Paxton says he loved playing with the “unique” toy. It receives four out of five “yes” votes from the kids, which sends it to the next round.

Ultimately, Soldier Ball receives 1 vote, which is not enough to make it to the finale.

Hosted by “Modern Family” star Eric Stonestreet, “The Toy Box” helps inventors make their toy creation dreams become a reality. According to their website, the inventions are brought before a panel of the ultimate toy-loving judges: kids. The rotating panel features Noah Ritter, Olivia Trujillo, Madison Stevens, Emma Sobel, Sydney Mae Estrella, Adi Ash, Paxton Booth, Kyle Lee, Joachim Powell and Gideon Reynolds. The kids determine which toys make it to the finals and, ultimately, the one winning inventor who will win $100,000 and have their toy sold at Toys“R”Us.

A new episode airs each Sunday at 7 p.m. on ABC.

Photo credit: The Toy Box Facebook