Tori Spelling might be pregnant. The former 90210 star, and daughter of the late Aaron Spelling, and her husband Dean, may have a child on the way.

Spelling and her husband recently announced that they were having financial troubles, and it was revealed that Dean cheated on his wife. Yet among all of their personal problems, it appears that a little one might soon join their family.

In their show True Tori the couple have been working towards mending their broken relationship, while giving fans an up close and personal look at their family troubles.

While the couple are working towards marital bliss together, a new trailer for the series portrays an upset Tori who leaves us hanging when she proclaims that she’s possibily pregnant.

Tori Spelling explains that one day she would like to tell her children that their parents overcame a hard time in their lives. She proclaims, “We made it through. You know, things aren’t always easy and you’ve got to work on a relationship, and somethings things happen that isn’t great but you move forward. I hope that’s the case and I hope to be able to talk to them about it.”

Dean, the star of Chopped Canada, echoes his wife’s statements, “I’m working very hard on myself. My sobriety, it means everything to me, becoming the dad and the husband that I’ve always wanted to be and that they deserve…I’m changing my life for the good.”

We don’t know if Tori Spelling is pregnant or if her proclamation was a false alarm, but we will find out in season two of True Tori.