Labor Day weekend is here, and for many the urge to get out of town has never been greater! If you are not sure how you would like to spend your three-day weekend, then try a new locale for a change of scenery. If you’re used to the beach, then why not head to the mountains for a camping trip? Stuck in the dry plains? Rent a home by a lake for some activities on the water. As the unofficial end of summer, it is important to end the season on a high note. Plan a weekend getaway that can only lead to good times! Check out these five places to escape to this weekend.

1. Camp

Looking for a Labor Day getaway? Camp in the wilderness and reconnect with nature! Living more simply with just a tent and sleeping bag for one weekend is a great way to unwind this Labor Day.

2. Lake

Take a dip in a cool lake this weekend and enjoy the serene landscape. Spend your weekend learning to wakeboard, go tubing, or kayaking with friends. Go to a lake for lots of good times on the water!

3. Mountains

If the ocean is in your backyard and fighting for a spot on the beach is not your idea of fun for Labor Day, then take a trip to the closest mountain range. There will be plenty of hiking trails to spend time exploring over the weekend. This is where you will find peace and seclusion from your daily routine.

4. Orchards

If you’re unsure of what to do with your extra day, then here is an activity you will love! Spend time at the nearest orchard picking apples, oranges, or any other fruit your state has to offer. Prepare for fall and use your new collection of fruit to bake a delicious pie.

5. Ocean


Spend your last weekend of summer in the ocean! Have you fulfilled your goals of learning to paddleboard or surf this summer? Use this last weekend to get in the water and pick up a few lessons!