Everyone is Irish on March 17th! Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with authentic Irish recipes, an Irish blessing, and parties that will make you dance a jig or two. Remember to wear green on St. Patrick’s Day or remain in fear of being pinched. While St. Patrick’s Day may be celebrated around the world with a Guinness in hand at the local Irish bar, there are many ways to honor the holiday. Here are the best ways to celebrate March 17th according to Instagram!

1. Lucky Charms

For cereal lovers the word leprechaun may trigger nostalgic times of munching on a bowl of Lucky Charms during your childhood. Celebrate the luck of the Irish on St. Patrick’s Day with a whimsical outfit. Stay extra lucky with this matching set from Wildfox Couture.

2. Irish Soda Bread

For a breakfast that is more authentic to Ireland, prepare Irish soda bread! You will find this classic recipe in any Irish household, particularly around St. Patrick’s Day. Soda bread is best served with butter and jam.

3. Green, White, & Gold

St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland, which is why our celebrations are filled with lots of green, white, and gold- the colors of the Irish flag. Fill your home or office with decorations and let the fun begin! Celebrate with a pot of chocolate gold coins and green cupcakes!

4. Don’t Get Pinched

On St. Paddy’s Day it is best to wear green and avoid being pinched. Legend says leprechauns will pinch you if you are not wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day. Here are shamrock pins you can make yourself to obey the rules of the Emerald Isle.

5. Irish Stout Onion Soup

Ireland is known for it’s cold and rainy weather for most of the year. Stay warm wherever you are with a hearty Irish soup. Based on this recipe your Irish stout onion soup will taste just as good as it looks!