After defeating Argentina last night, Germany has become the first European country to win the FIFA World Cup on South American soil. The deciding goal of the match came in the extra time when substitute forward Mario Götze (C) broke the Argentinian defense and placed the ball into the nets of Argentina. This is Germany’s fourth World Cup win and their first major tournament victory since 1996. While the game on the ground was breathtaking, the social media buzz on Facebook and Twitter also set some new records.

Facebook reveals that 88 million people left more than 280 million posts, comments, and likes about the Germany vs. Argentina game, surpassing the previous engagement record for a single sporting event set during Superbowl XLVII (245 million interactions). Twitter also broke a tweets-per-minute record set just a few days earlier, with a peak of 618,725 sent in a single minute as Germany won the game. In total, 32.1 million World Cup tweets were sent during the match.

Brands too capitalized with some real time marketing while wishing Germany on their win. We have curated 14 such tweets that have not only gained numbers but are also creative enough to make us smile, with the help of Unmetric, a social media monitoring product.

1. The best real time marketing tweet award should go to Lufthansa which has a smart message for Germany on their win

2. Bud Light knows how to wish the Germans

3. Emirates also had a message from the crew for the winning country

4. Powerade tweeted in Spanish about the defining goal from Gotze

5. Abercrombie had a simple message for Germany

6. Adidas_ES rightly tweeted about the power of team Germany

7. Microsoft’s Bing used data to predict Germany has the upper hand in the 2014 WorldCup finals and they did

8. Sky Sports News HD reminded fans all the four WorldCup wins by Germany

9. DPDHL News has an interesting visual message for team Germany

10. Xbox FR also made sure to wish German fans in their own style

11. Spotify joined in the party by congratulating the Germans and tweeting their national anthem

12. Mahindra Rise, the only Indian brand in the list, had this classy message from Gary Lineker

13. Jagermeister USA tweeted it is Jager time after the win

14. Mercedes Benz also displayed Germany’s winning goal in an interesting way

We considered tweets that got more than 50 retweets for this list. However, if you find any interesting tweet that you think should be in the list then do share with us in the comments.

Congrats Germany for an entertaining match and lifting the FIFA World Cup 2014!

Image credit: Facebook

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