If you think, wink, double blink, then close your eyes, you might not be able to jump into a chalk drawing from “Mary Poppins.” You might, however, be able to better imagine the scene that would unfold if “Toy Story”‘s Woody and “Finding Nemo/Dory”‘s Dory would cross paths. Tom Hanks and Ellen DeGeneres helped fans imagine that very situation by bringing Woody and Dory to life right on the show’s stage.

The two helped bring back everyone’s fond Disney Pixar childhood memories, reprising their iconic roles in an improvised conversation of what the characters would say if they ever met. After getting the audience to close their eyes, they joked about getting Dory back into the aquarium in Andy’s room, finding Woody’s hat out in the deep blue sea and some of Dory’s amnesia made its way into the scene.

They also talked “Toy Story 4,” channeling their character for children and the difficulty of recording sessions. Hanks has starred in the “Toy Story” franchise since 1995 and the fourth movie, which will focus on the love story between Woody and Bo Peep, is set to be released in 2018. Ellen DeGeneres starred in 2003’s “Finding Nemo” and this summer’s “Finding Dory.” Season 14 of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” premiered earlier this week.

Hanks is also starring in the new Clint Eastwood-directed film “Sully,” which tells the story of Capt. Chesley Sullenberger and the miraculous emergency landing that he made in the Hudson River in 2009. It is in theatres starting today.

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