The photo and caption seem innocent enough. A child is crying. The reason? He met actor Bill Murray, of course. But then, as with most things, the internet became divided over whether the man in the photo was, in fact, Bill Murray or his apparent lookalike Tom Hanks.

It all started in 2013 when the Reasons My Son Is Crying blog, which portrays all the “logical” reasons children cry, uploaded a photo of a child meeting Murray (or Hanks). The caption to the photo, which was taken in Scotland, reads, “He met Bill Murray.”

The photo has resurfaced and the internet still can’t decide who is in the photo, despite the person who submitted it clarifying that it is Murray. Some comments on the Facebook photo read, “Bill can be a pretty scary dude when you’re tiny. Trying to comprehend all that awesomeness brings ME to tears,”Totally thought that was Tom Hanks…” and after one too many confused comments, “What I learned from the comments: When Bill Murray is crying, he starts to look like Tom Hanks.”

Others reasoned that it couldn’t have possibly been Hanks, given that he was making his Broadway debut that year in “Lucky Guy.” If you need to compare the photo to something, maybe just reference Hanks’ expression in the “Cast Away” scene where Wilson floats away, or Murray’s sad “Groundhog Day” face. Either way, remember that “there’s no crying in baseball” so whoever it is definitely broke that rule, despite not actually being on a baseball field.

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