We all have that one friend who draws some inexplicable, sadistic pleasure from ruining shows, books and movies for other people. With the advent of social media, the number of these pesky people you have to contend with has multiplied exponentially.

Picture this: it’s the day of the big game, the evening of the Oscars, the night of the Game of Thrones premiere or some other marquis moment in entertainment. But alas, you miss it. You’re scared to check your phone, hop on Facebook for a second or scroll through your Twitter feed for fear of seeing a string of posts akin to this: “OMG WHY DOES EVERYBODY DIE #redwedding #gameofthrones”

You could turn off your phone, go M.I.A from the social-media-verse and refuse any and all kinds of human interaction until you’ve watched the show for yourself, but thanks to Spoiler Shield, there’s a solution that might make you feel and appear a little less insane.

Spoiler Shield is an app that allows users to custom-shield posts relating to a particular show or event from their social media feeds. So the next time you miss something big, remember to whip out your phone and shield yourself from the madness.