Across the world, Pope Francis has known to be a very progressive Pope – he even has his own Twitter account (@Pontifex). Therefore, when he announced his visit to the U.S. this year, the internet was ready.

Since our offices reside in the Washington, D.C. area (the first stop of Pope Francis’ three-city tour), we thought we would collect our top five favorite social moments captured during his visit to the nation’s capital.


1. Twitter Created Special Emojis
While on Twitter this week, you have the opportunity to share emojis created JUST for the Pope’s visit. All you have to do is include any of the four hashtags associated with his visit, and Twitter will automatically add the emoji to the end of the hashtag. Click on the hashtags to see the excitement!


2. Selfies with the Pope
There’s no doubt that those who took off work or flew across the country to get a glance at Pope Francis yesterday would miss their opportunity to try and get a selfie with the holy man himself! Not many were successful, but this kid is going to have a blessed year.

He will never forget this moment #walkwithfrancis #popeindc

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3. Kisses babies during DC Parade
Another extremely viral moment came while the Pope rode his Popemobile through the District. Not only did he kiss a few children from the crowd, but a young girl tried to run up to Pope Francis to give him a gift. The video that has been viewed over 6,500 just on YouTube is shown below.

4. #BlessTheMetro
Of course, Pope Francis couldn’t visit the U.S. without a bit of internet trolling to bring the world a laugh. This time, it came through a petition on asking him to “bless the DC Metro system so it actually works.” The reliability of the DC Metro is often in question as Twitter accounts like @unsuckdcmetro explain.

5. Snapchat’s ‘They See Me Rollin’ Geo-Filter
We had to save the best for last! While there’s been a lot of chatter around Snapchat with their newest selfie filters for their app, we thought their newest geo-filter tops that news!

And while this post serves as a bit of humor for your day, we also would like you to think of it as a reminder: that with a bit of preparation, you can find ways to be creative and relevant with your audience on social media through real time marketing!

Cover Image via @reeddudley