'The Bachelorette' Twitter
‘The Bachelorette’ Twitter

We are down to just three guys on “The Bachelorette.”

It is a jam-packed episode, complete with two fantasy suite dates, hometown dates and the final rose ceremony. But first, the drama resumes right where it left off: Shawn confronting Nick.

Shawn calls him manipulative, arrogant and cocky, to which Nick tells him he could say the same to him. Shawn still has his doubts that Nick is not there for the right reasons.

Kaitlyn and Ben travel to Galway in anticipation of their fantasy suite date. They go on a romantic horseback ride along the countryside, in a totally classic “Galway Girl” moment. Until they attract the attention of some donkeys and get chased down…

The date is topped off with a picnic overlooking the majestic mountains and charming castle, which just so happens to be where they will be spending the evening.

Ben then drops the news on Kaitlyn that his 26th birthday passed while on the show. He was worried about telling her based on the age difference. No problem there.

They reminisce about the time they have spent together and Ben says he feels “lucky.” He adds on that he is definitely falling in love with her. “Best sleepover ever,” he says.

What seems immediately after Ben and Kaitlyn’s wonderful date, she meets up with Shawn for their date.

Slightly less romantic than the horseback ride with Ben, she and Shawn head out to go golfing, complete with a bright pink shirt and vibrant blue pants.

Kaitlyn wins the game so they decide to play a little game of truth-or-dare. First dare goes to Shawn, who has to strip across the golf course. The black box returns!

Kaitlyn decides to confront Shawn about why he has so much hate for Nick and he explains, once again, that he doesn’t believe he is there for the right reasons. He tells her that he and Nick talked and he was glad they did because Nick proved his point.

With just the mention of his name, Shawn gets all fired up and says that Nick “acts like a 16-year old girl.”

How to you feel about the Shawn and Nick feud?