'The Bachelorette' Twitter
‘The Bachelorette’ Twitter

The Shawn and Nick feud just won’t end.

Nick attempts to approach Shawn as soon as he returns from the fantasy suite date. Nick is looking to have a “man-to-man” conversation.

He questions Shawn as to whether he is threatening him when Shawn tells him he doesn’t want to hear his name from Kaitlyn again. The conversation does not go well and Shawn kicks him out of his room.

Chris Harrison makes his return to discuss with Kaitlyn the remaining three guys, soon to be two. Kaitlyn tells him that he doesn’t appreciate the high school-like feud between Shawn and Nick.

At the final rose ceremony, Ben is sent home, meaning that Kaitlyn will now visit Nick and Shawn’s hometowns. “It’s down to two once again,” Nick says with a smirk. The two of them are left in a silent and tension-filled room, pacing back and forth.

Finally leaving Ireland, Kaitlyn, Nick and Shawn all travel to Utah to meet the families. Now there won’t be any awkward déjà vu visiting Nick’s hometown of Milwaukee once again.

Nick even tells Kaitlyn that he is in love with her. Nick’s family is, for a second time, meeting a bachelorette and it’s filled with tears and awkwardness. Remembering their meeting with Andi Dorfman last season, they don’t want to see him heartbroken.

Nick’s sister thinks Kaitlyn thinks “real and authentic,” while his brothers wonder what made Nick stand out to her. Nick’s adorable little sister Bella then asks her if she loves Nick. (Similar to what she asked Andi…)

Nick’s mom questions him as to how this “hometown” of sorts differs from when he brought Andi home last season. He tells her he is confident and that he feels as though Kaitlyn loves him.

Who are you rooting for–Nick or Shawn?