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Can you believe that it is down to four guys already? Soon to be less.

Nick gets back to the hotel and explains his confusion to Jared and Ben. Kaitlyn chose to spend more quality time with Shawn, wanting to be completely honest with him. A big drama bomb is about to drop.

Fearing losing his trust, Kaitlyn tells Shawn about Nick and how they were “intimate” together. Shawn is left speechless and eventually asks if she regrets it. She says she just felt guilt and still obviously caught off guard, Shawn walks away.


After taking some time to cool down, Shawn tells Kaitlyn that he respects her honesty and just wants to drop the entire drama-filled event. He just says that he “wants her” in the most Ryan Gosling-like way possible.


The guys are left feeling freaked out over the lack of rose giving and are anxious for the impending rose ceremony.

Shawn is still left with a plethora of questions for Kaitlyn at the cocktail party and is unsure if he will even accept the rose if given the opportunity. Too bad for him though, because the cocktail party is canceled and she has her mind completely made up.

But he breaks the rules so all is good for him. He questions her as to why she chose Nick and admits that he feels as though it really jeopardized their relationship. Being that the purpose of the show is to explore other relationships, she tells him that she regrets telling him that he was the one.

Despite possibly losing trust, Shawn accepts the rose. Jared is sent home, leaving Shawn, Ben and Nick and the final three.

Were you expecting Shawn to take Kaitlyn’s secret so well?