'The Bachelorette' Twitter
‘The Bachelorette’ Twitter

It’s time for some truth on “The Bachelorette,” don’t you think?

Ben gets the first one-on-one date, one week before fantasy suite dates. They have fun on Innisfallen Island, even playing a game of hide-and-seek.

Things get serious though when they question each other as to whether or not they think they are husband/wife material. They both admit to having a very good connection, however, Ben still fears rejection.

After taking a nice moonlit walk in Killarney, they enjoy dinner by the fire. Ben sees their personal time as an opportunity to really open up to Kaitlyn and tell her his biggest fear. He tells her that he fears being unlovable, to which Kaitlyn quickly assures him that he is lovable.

The pressure is on for the overnight date next week and Ben tells her that he is excited to just stay up and talk all night. That comment obviously confuses Kaitlyn and it prompts her to question whether he is a virgin. Through laughs, he tells her that he is not.

Joe, Shawn and Nick get to enjoy the beautiful scenery on their “three-on-one” date. Kaitlyn is looking for the guys to be honest, which is really kind of ironic. Whoever gets the rose at the end of the date will guarantee that they have a fantasy suite date next week.

Shawn pulls Kaitlyn to the side first and she mulls over having to tell him about Nick. Before she gets the chance, Nick interrupts them.

Kaitlyn questions Joe as to whether he is ready to be engaged and he tells her that he can definitely see a future together. He even says that he is in love.

Kaitlyn doesn’t seem to be on the same level as Joe and decides to be “brutally honest.” He tells her that it has been fun and is clearly very upset and heads home. She decides to not give a rose to Shawn or Nick and, instead, wait for one of the few rose ceremonies of this season.

What did you think of Joe?