'The Bachelorette' Twitter
‘The Bachelorette’ Twitter

After an explosive night of drama last week, the guys are looking for answers from Kaitlyn.

Shawn is the first to visit Kaitlyn to question her motives. He asks if she is in love with him, to which she responds that she is falling in love with him.

Since they had such a good conversation together last week, Shawn questions why he was not the one to get the rose.

All the while, Kaitlyn is being consumed by guilt over her relationships with the guys and she fears hurting them.

For the two-on-one date, JJ and Joe go for a little boat ride and both guys seem to realize that it’s time to open up. By the end of the date, one person will get a rose while the other person will be sent home immediately.

In a slightly more romantic setting than “The Bachelor” two-on-one in the Badlands, the guys get to enjoy the Irish countryside, complete with a picnic and a whole lot less intense eye staring.

JJ opens up to Kaitlyn about how three years ago, he cheated on his wife, but wanted to come clean because he wanted to build a relationship with her.

Facing a tough decision, Kaitlyn decides to withhold the rose but sends JJ home. She feels as though she needs to get to know Joe a little better before handing out the rose.


She sees Joe as “cute” and he definitely made her forget about all the drama. So, she gives him the rose.

When Joe admits that he too is falling in love with Kaitlyn, Shawn just can’t take it so he walks away. He decides to approach Kaitlyn once again about what is truly bothering him.

After an emotional day, Kaitlyn is less than thrilled to hear that Shawn is on his way over to call her out on the Nick situation. However, that’s just the opposite of what he came to do. He tells her that he was confused after what they had talked about in San Antonio and how sure he felt about her feelings.

Do you think Kaitlyn sent the right person home on the two-on-one date?