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‘The Bachelorette’ Twitter

The group date goes to all the guys, most by bus and Jared rides with Kaitlyn in the car. They get to travel the Irish countryside just before the hometown dates.


Jared and Kaitlyn arrive at the Blarney Castle and even get to kiss the Blarney Stone. Despite having to lean out to reach it being terrifying, it was totally worth it because Kaitlyn got to push aside all the drama from the week.

They continue their one-on-one time road trip while the rest of the guys get to enjoy the picturesque countryside of Ireland.

Chris Harrison arrives to talk with Kaitlyn about the hometown dates. She gets to travel to three of the guys’ hometowns. She tells him about her regret, however, about being too assuring with Shawn and being too intimate with Nick.

Harrison really encourages her to get some off-camera time with each of the guys to ensure that she is choosing the right people to go to hometowns. She has to eliminate three people before then.

This season, the major change is that the overnight “fantasy suite” dates will be before hometowns. The one-on-one date goes to Chris and the emotions escalate even more.

Their date commences with a helicopter coming to pick them up and take them for a ride across the Irish countryside. They arrive at the majestic Cliffs of Moher and indulge in a little picnic overlooking the beauty of the ocean.

Kaitlyn is then overcome with emotion and tells Chris that she doesn’t want to lead any relationship on. And with that, Chris “Cupcake” is sent home. Well actually, he’s left on the cliff and breaks down in tears.

Did you like Chris?

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