Finally, Shawn B. gets a one-on-one date with Kaitlyn. It is the moment that basically everyone in the Bachelor(ette) Nation has been waiting for…

They head out to the water and go kayaking, which Kaitlyn says reminds her of Europe. That just reminds us that we’re ready for some dates in Europe.

Shawn opens up to Kaitlyn about how he was in a terrible car accident several years ago, something that put him in the hospital for a couple months. He is happy that he was able to let his guard down and be able to feel vulnerable together. He even says that he is falling in love with her.

Shawn B. definitely gets the rose for that date, adding on that everything in life had led to that moment.

Under the moonlight, they travel once again down the river complete with fireworks and romance.

Back at the house, Ian explains to Nick how he is such a “catch” and after talking himself up, says he is tired of Kaitlyn ignoring him. He even thinks that he should be the next bachelor. He’s pretty much done with Kaitlyn.

And after hearing about what he had to say about her, I’m pretty sure she will be done with him too. Immodesty fits you, Ian.

Prior to the rose ceremony, Joshua is feeling very uneasy based off the horrible group date the night before. Ian is planning on leaving and taking his arrogance with him. Ian doesn’t think that Kaitlyn can handle the truth, either.

Kaitlyn takes Jared back to her hotel room and he explains that she really brings him comfort. We have another case of falling in love.

Going on this kick of honesty, Ian finally shares his “modesty” with Kaitlyn and calls her and her intentions out. Bye bye, Ian.

What did you think of Ian’s outburst?