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This week’s one-on-one date goes to Jared and they are taking a trip to the gorgeous and regal Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Back at the group date, tensions are running high after learning of Nick Viall’s return. The group-date rose goes to Justin, for being upfront with her.

To prepare for the one-on-one date with Jared, Kaitlyn heads to the salon to get her hair all fancied up by none other than Ashley S. from Chris Soules’ season of “The Bachelor.” She talks with her about Nick and how confused she is feeling. Who knew Ashley could give such good advice?

Meeting up with Nick, she asks him to stay on the show. Nick is hoping that the guys “respect” that he is there. Good luck with that, buddy.

At the one-on-one date, Jared and Kaitlyn get some alone time at the Met, complete with Jared dressed in a dapper suit and Kaitlyn in a sparkling black gown.

After exploring the art, Jared and Kaitlyn sit down to a nice dinner. (Despite the fact that no one ever eats anything, anyway) He reads her a sweet poem that he wrote, ending it with “I like you a lot.” He gets the date rose for that one. The evening continues with an amazing aerial view of the city.

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