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After a super romantic evening with Jared, Kaitlyn informs the guys the next morning that Nick will be moving in with them.

The group date brings the guys to Broadway, specifically Disney’s “Aladdin.” The guys get to experience what a typical tryout is like, which requires singing and dancing.

The guys may not exactly nail the dancing and singing of “A Whole New World” but overall, they seem to have a good time. Chris lands the role of Aladdin, opposite Kaitlyn, who of course will play Jasmine. Now we have that song stuck in our head.

Their Broadway debut consists of a slight, silent cameo appearance onstage, but something that Chris says they will remember forever. Maybe them holding a rose onstage will count for this week’s rose ceremony.


The final part of Chris and Kaitlyn’s date takes them to the New Year’s Eve ball in Times Square. He gets the group-date rose, spending a fleeting moment together above millions of people.

Arriving at the hotel, Nick greets a room filled with some very unhappy people.

The week again ends without a rose ceremony.

At least the fans of Britt got to see another Britt and Brady update. They are still going strong and he will be meeting her family soon.

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