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Kaitlyn Bristowe’s Twitter

The drama is in full force right in the first few moments of “The Bachelorette” this week. Kaitlyn decides to confront Clint based off what she has been hearing from the other guys at the Mansion.

Clint defends his behavior with JJ as a bromance, however that isn’t what Kaitlyn had in mind to talk about with him. She feels as though their relationship is going backwards and questions him on why the other guys felt the need to call him out.

Kaitlyn sends Clint home prior to the rose ceremony. Some guys are making it really easy to be sent home this season. The tables really turn on Clint as well when JJ tells him that he should apologize to everyone.

Clint doesn’t appreciate the fact that JJ turned on him and they get into a verbal altercation, topped off with crying and JJ slapping himself across the face. Clint and JJ: most dramatic breakup ever.

Kaitlyn decides not to hold a rose ceremony, so for now all the guys are relieved. Now, they just want JJ gone.

At last, it is time to leave “The Bachelor(ette)” Mansion and head off to glittering New York City. Finally, an opportunity for dates that don’t involve the use of violence or explaining sex.

The first NYC group date goes to Jonathan, Justin, Ben Z, Corey, Ryan, Tanner, Shawn and JJ. The date requires the guys engage in a rap battle–the bachelorette is after all, Kaitlyn.

The guys make it super entertaining, even though they have no rap skills. After the rap battle, the unexpected surprise arrives: Nick Viall from Andi Dorfman’s season. Kaitlyn explains that she and Nick had struck up a conversation over social media but that she was completely shocked that he was there.

She is unsure as to whether or not she will let him stay, but he sure is making her laugh. Kaitlyn wishes that he had come into play sooner than week four and wonders if it would be fair to the other guys to allow him to stay.

Kaitlyn and Nick kiss, which I guess means he’s staying, right?

How do you feel about Nick’s return?