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Possibly the most awkward group date to occur in “Bachelorette” history happens next. The guys head over to an elementary school, where they teach a class about sex. Kaitlyn uses this as an opportunity to separate the “men from the boys.” This should go well.

The guys teach everything from the human anatomy, sex and puberty. What they don’t know is that they are being pranked by child actors. Still a better sex education than “Mean Girls.”

Back at the Mansion, there is a “bromance” brewing between Clint and JJ. They spend some time together in the hot tub and Clint plays some guitar with JJ. Clint feels as though he has connected better with JJ than Kaitlyn.

As far as the group dates goes, Kaitlyn feels definite connections with Jared and Ben H. She ultimately decides to give the group-date rose to Ben, who she shared a dance and a kiss with up on the roof.

Clint takes some personal time with Kaitlyn, even kisses her. He admits in his interview, however, that he isn’t there for Kaitlyn but that he really needs a rose. Clint and JJ’s conversations definitely go off in a weird direction.

After many of the guys spill the beans on Clint, Kaitlyn decides to approach him and question him on all the “red flags” that they are seeing.

This week ends without a rose ceremony again but the teaser promises the return of Nick Viall.

Do you think it’s fair to bring back Nick?