Ben Z, referred to by Kaitlyn as a “babe soda” gets the next one-on-one date with Kaitlyn. But there’s a catch: Chris Harrison planned the date and things are about to get weird.

The date is a exercise with trust using “The Basement” and Kaitlyn already gets totally freaked out when pigeons fly out of the room. Apparently, she is freaked out by birds, despite her tattoos.

Ben acts as a complete protector in the horror-filled date and they have to use clues to escape the madness. The key code ends up being “roses,” which they probably could have guessed without the clues, let’s be honest.

They come out of the horror house that much stronger, both feeling like they bonded.

After the insanity of the horror house date, Ben and Kaitlyn head back to her house to relax and talk about their fears. Ben opens up more about losing his mother and that he hasn’t cried in 11 years.

Jonathan, Ben H, Joshua, Ryan, Jared and Tanner get invited to the next group date, where they will be teaching kids about sex.

How do you feel about Ben?