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During the mingling portion of the group date after the guys learn some stand-up comedy from Amy Schumer, Tony begins speaking with Kaitlyn about Britt. Good idea? Probably not.

Kaitlyn enjoys spending some personal time with each of the guys…filled with kissing. She says that they are bringing their A game. The group date rose goes to JJ, much to the chagrin of the other men.

The cocktail party of course brings the drama. Some of the guys made a deal to allow the three men who didn’t get a date to have personal time with Kaitlyn. JJ goes against that agreement and pulls her to the side, despite already having a rose from the group date.

The others are fully feeling the smugness from JJ and are not happy with his last-minute move. Surprisingly (or maybe not so much) JJ admits that he is putting off the smug and overconfident vibes.

Kupah also starts the drama when he questions Kaitlyn as to why she hasn’t been acknowledging him…which Kaitlyn also wanted to question him about as to why he hasn’t been connecting with her. He admits that he is not sure why she kept him week one. Kaitlyn tells him that she did feel a connection with him, up until that point when he began questioning her.

Realizing he put his foot in his mouth, he does some damage control when he compliments everything about her. He talks to the guys about their conversation, which coincidentally, Kaitlyn overhears. Whoops.

After overhearing his conversation, she immediately sends him home. He also gets into a verbal altercation with the producer, to be continued next week.

While Britt remains partially in the game, she and Brady have been seeing each other every day since he met her at her room. They are excited about getting to know more about one other and he adorably asks her if she will be his girl.

The rose ceremony will begin with next week’s episode.

How do you feel about Kupah’s outburst?